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Battlestar alien braid fishing line

Battlestar alien braid fishing line

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  • 8X Strand
  • Microfilament
  • 28LB
  • .23mm
  • Grey
  • Fade Resistant Color
  • 545 YD


Not all braided microfilament fishing lines are created equally. Recent improvements in technology have produced the latest and greatest.


Introducing Battlestar Tackle 28# Alien Braid, made specially for California Surf Fishing. Here's why Alien Braid reigns supreme:



Ultra strong.

Ultra soft.


Super Long Casting

Alien Braid's aerodynamic profile and slick surface fly off the spool and through the air with minimal effort, achieving unparalleled casting distances. You will be presently surprised to see how incredibly far your same old baits cast with the new Alien Braid 28LB 8X surf fishing line. Reach the drop-off and place your bait where the fish are. Fish a wider surf zone, catch more fish.


Strong Knots

Cinch it down one time, and your knot will hold. Unlike economy-class braided fishing lines, this one is finished with an optimal amount of coating so the knots hold. Whether you are tying braid to braid, braid to mono, fluoro, to a swivel, or the eye of a hook, you can count on Alien Braid for strong knots. Whether you’re pulling a bait free from a stubborn snag, or fighting the biggest, angriest fish.


Unmatched Sensitivity

Feel every nibble, every tick, every tug with Alien Braid's exceptional sensitivity. Its near-zero stretch transmits even the subtlest bites, giving you the ultimate advantage in the heat of the battle.


Less Wind Knots

Early testing of Battlestar Alien Braid has produced fewer wind knots.

“I was having problems with tangles, casting light braid on spinning reels when surf fishing. I tried three other brands, along with the recommended changes in technique, but still had the same problem. Then I tried Battlestar Alien Braid, and boy what a difference it made. The thinness and coating have made a difference for me. I've become a big fan, and recommend it highly.”  Kevin M - Los Angeles, CA

"I have been using Alien Braid for the last month. It comes off the reel very fast and smooth. I haven't got a wind knot yet and I'm prone to them. Great new product by Battlestar." Scott S - San Luis Obispo, CA


Fade Resistant

Due to the special qualities of this line and the carefully selected grey color, this line is fade-resistant. It’s made to last and look as beautiful as the first day you spool it up. This stealthy grey color also stays hidden from wary fish, maximizing your strike rate.


Tiny Profile

The size is not only ultra-thin, it’s also a flat shape. You may be surprised to see just how incredibly tiny .023 diameter is compared to any 30LB braid on the market. This braid is closer to the size of 20LB braid with a strength of about 30LB. That means more line capacity on your smaller lighter reels, to ensure you won’t get spooled when the big one bites.


Slicing Smoothness

Cut through weeds and debris with ease thanks to Alien Braid's ultra-smooth coating. No more snags, no more hangups, just pure fishing bliss.


Pro Tip
Save money, only replace the top shot. If you’re looking for an economic strategy so you can afford the best-braided fishing line, consider this strategy. Only replace the top casting distance with new line. Your original backing will likely last for many years. The casting distance length top shot is the only part of your line that experiences wear and tear. Pro tip: make your top shot another 20yd longer than your maximum casting distance length, so you’ll never see your uni-to-uni connection knot, even if you bomb a long cast with the wind at your back.


When you’re using Battlestar Alien Braid, we got you covered for line strength. Now it’s up to you to keep your hook sharp and your bait in the water.


Are you ready for the next tech in 8-strand braided microfilament surf fishing line?


Alien Braid is the ultimate weapon for anglers who demand the best.


Whether you're battling White Sea Bass in the shallows, wrestling Halibut around the reef, or catching Surf Perch on sandy beaches, Alien Braid will give you the castabilityand power to conquer any challenge.


Don't settle for ordinary. Choose Alien Braid and experience fishing on another level.

Battle with the best!


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