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FlipFlop N' Socks 2" Paddle Tail Swim Baits

FlipFlop N' Socks 2" Paddle Tail Swim Baits

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Local fishermen who are really good at catching perch also make Surf Perch baits. One of these skilled fishermen is Toui Keonoi. He became famous for catching a lot of big Barred Surf Perch from the beaches in San Luis Obispo County. He even caught some that were very big, almost breaking world records by being 17 inches long!

Toui suggests using a #4, #3, or #2 straight shank worm hook for these baits. He uses a Carolina Rig with a leader that's 3-4 feet long with line strength of 15lb or 20lb. Rig them on a Carolina Rig with 1oz, 1.5oz, or 2oz.

These baits are available in two styles:

  • 2" Flat Swimbait in one color
  • 2" Phat Paddle Tail in one color

The colors of these baits can be one color or two colors mixed together. All of the colors have some shiny specks in them.

If you decide to buy these baits, you'll get a pack of 20 of them.

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