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Perch Pouch 2.0 IN STOCK!

Perch Pouch 2.0 IN STOCK!

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Version 2 updates:

  • Stitching all the way around to reinforce the seams. Although the original perch pouch was strong enough for most users, one customer reported having so much perch and a striper burst through the bottom of the bag! In hopes of eliminating this issue, we have added stitching all the way around the bag. This also gives it a more finished look.
  • Double stitching on pouch opening. This has been an area some users have seen as a wear point. Instead of just heat welded PVC material, we've now included a double stitch on each side of the opening for added durability.
  • Upgraded Grommets. The previous grommets on a select few pouches did pop out. This did not affect the functionality of the pouch as it still drained properly. We've improved the molds and pressing of the grommets to make them more heavy duty.

The Hook2Cook Perch Pouch is an original design to help surf perch anglers keep their catch fresh and clean while they fish and allowing for more time in the hot spot to catch more fish.

The Perch Perch Pouch is designed to:

1. Keep you on the school without having to move to put your fish away.

2. Stop you from getting fish spines through your waders like a mesh bag would allow.

3. Comfortably carry your catch on your waist while you fish without putting extra strain on your shoulder like a backpack would. 

4. Not let your catch drag on the ground as a tripping hazard like a game clip would allow. 

5. Conveniently measure your catch. The perch pouch has a measuring tape printed on to measure fish up to 18". The overall bag length is 22" in case you catch a halibut!

6. Allow anglers who keep their fish bleed their fish out in the water while they fish keeping their catch cold and fresh for the best quality to eat when they get home.



Quick clip to remove perch pouch from your belt quickly. Adjusts for taller anglers.

Drain holes with grommets to allow anglers to drain as you fish to keep your catch fresh. 

Measuring tape allows you to measure your catch. Ruler goes to 18" and the overall bag is 22" in case you catch a halibut.


Made from durable PVC material making the perch pouch waterproof. Will NOT soak in water making it heavier. We tested that!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

well made very good product would recommend it also has a ruler on there for your fish and you can attach it to your belt The plastic or vinyl is thick and durable

Edwin friend of Rod Buster

I am finding Edward has a great selection of baits for the surf, the new improved Perch Pouch is well built and should perform as intended. (I have not used mine just yet)

BRIAN Baggott
Perch pouch


Jon Schaub
Excellent customer service

I had an issue with the perch pouch but was quickly resolved within 24hrs. Excellent customer service ty

Practical, functional, and durable.

This bag was large enough to pack 5 good sized surf perch and more. Perch were bleed out and no residue remained in bog afterwards - inside of bag was easy to clean and no odor was detected. The measuring scale was actually fun to have readily available as I rarely measured perch before while keeping only bigger ones. .