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Kaplan Kustoms

Kaplans Custom Handmade Gaffs and Spikes

Kaplans Custom Handmade Gaffs and Spikes

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Kaplans Custom Gaffs. Each one of these Gaffs and spikes are handmade with care by Paul Kaplan. He uses Calcutta Bamboo for the Gaffs which has been used in commercial fishing for hundreds of years. It's extremely strong, durable and attractive. 

The process is very time consuming. Each blank is sanded to remove imperfections, dirt and waxy coatings. 2 coats of spar urethane are then applied with sanding in between coats. Next, the shank of the hook is epoxied to the blank with a bottom 90 degree angle running through the blank. A butt cap is then added. Once that's done, the blank is wrapped in high quality paracord. The bottom and middle sections receive one thick coat of epoxy resin. The single coat provides protection to the paracord without being so thick you lose grip. The working end receives three coats of epoxy for a super hard gloss finish.


6 foot gaffs hooks are corrosion resistant 9mm diameter flattened stainless steel with a 3 1/2" hook gap

5 foot get corrosion resistant stainless steel with a 3” hook gap

4 foot and below get 3” Duratin Hooks 

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